Hi, I'm Jonas

I'm a landscape & travel photographer originally from Hamburg, Germany. I moved to Dublin, Ireland in 2017 to pursue a Master's degree in Digital Marketing Strategy. Having finished that just a year later I decided to stay in Ireland and now work full-time as an account manager for HubSpot.

I bought my first DSLR spontaneously in 2014 before traveling to Iceland. Back then, I was only shooting in automatic mode and limited experiments to changing the white balance in the settings... It wasn't until fall 2017 after moving to Ireland when I really got into photography but I only started sharing my photos in late 2019.

My style is very moody with really deep blacks & blues shot mostly on cloudy days. While I love shooting in golden hour in the morning or evening, I believe that cloudy conditions are a true reflection of the wild stormy and rugged nature.

With my photography I want to create a feeling of peace for my audience. It's important to me that the viewer of one my photos can imagine standing in the exact same spot where I stood when taking the picture.

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